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5 products

5 products

Domaine Muré Pinot Gris Grand Cru Clos St. Landelin 2018
$49.95 / bottle
Release Date December 17, 2022
Vintages #: 969345
750ml bottle
Ripe & Spicy

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When Michel Muré settled in Rouffach and planted his vineyard in the 17th century, he surely had little conception of the beautiful adventure that he was setting in motion for his descendants. In 1935, Alfred Muré extended the property with the addition of the 12-hectare (25-acre) wholly owned Clos Saint Landelin, foreseeing already its potential for exceptional quality. He replanted the terraces, ideally situated with their sunny exposure and shelter from the rain.

Nowadays it is Alfred’s grandson René, together with his children Véronique and Thomas, the 11th and 12th generations of the family, who are responsible for running this exceptional, wholly-owned vineyard and its neighbouring terroirs, using biodynamic methods.

Located in Rouffach, the Clos Saint Landelin, fully owned by the Muré family, covers an area of 12 hectares. It marks the southern end of the Grand Cru Vorbourg. Located at the exit of the valley, it is exposed to the south and benefits from a good amount of sunshine until late in the afternoon. The north and west winds ensure that the vines remain healthy until harvest time.

This wine evokes notes of ripe peaches and yellow apricots, underscored by a faint smokey minerality. The palate reveals delicate notes of toasted almonds and spice flavours alongside the stone fruits, with poised acidity that cuts through the lightly creamy texture and carries fruity freshness into the finish. 

This Pinot Gris is the ideal companion for poultry, truffles or hard cheese.

Invivo Marlborough Pinot Gris 2021
$19.95 / bottle
Release Date September 10, 2022
Vintages #: 367771
750ml bottle
Aromatic & Flavourful

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Winemaker and co-founder Rob Cameron has a colourful winemaking background – learning his craft in unique destinations such as Cyprus, Bulgaria and Hungary before moving on to France, Spain and Italy. For him, the Invivo range is all about taking some of the elegance from the old world and putting that style into amazing grapes, all the while offering wines that are fun and a bit unique. 

The nose on this Pinot Gris is bursting with cooked pears, and subtle candied citrus. The palate backs this up with sweet pear and apricot along with delicate white floral notes and soft texture. This wine offers silky drinkability and great balance leading into a clean and crisp finish.

Pinot Gris is an aromatic and versatile grape that pairs perfectly with many different dishes. As this style has a hint of sweetness, try this with a nice spicy curry to tame the heat!

Del Rio Vineyards Pinot Gris Rogue Valley Oregon 2020
$18.95 / bottle
Release Date September 10, 2022
Vintages #: 25110
750ml bottle
Crisp & Creamy

This product will be available in select LCBO retail stores as part of the Vintages program. Please feel free to contact us at if you need any assistance locating stock.

With every bottle of Del Rio wine they seek to capture the essence of their history and dedication to excellence. The rolling hills, majestic landscape and wild Rogue River converge to create the optimal setting for growing superior grapes. Established in 1997, the single vineyard has blossomed under the nurturing hands of 4th generation farmers. With their blend of family heritage and farming excellence Del Rio strives to consistently provide you with the finest examples of Oregon wine made today.

This is 100% Estate grow Pinot Gris, offering delightful aromas of a crisp green apple, a hint of tropical fruit and a splash of honeysuckle. The enticing bouquet is followed by a complex palate where the vivid acidity is balanced by a creamy round mouthfeel. Drink now for its freshness and fragrance or age for the upcoming complexity and creamy development.

With great structure and acidity this Pinot Gris is the perfect partner to many dishes. Try with creamy brie, or enjoy a spicy ceviche, then sink into the main course and pair with lemon butter scallops or a juicy roasted herb chicken dish. Use as a diverse dinner partner in the kitchen or simply pour a glass and savour each sip!

Hans Herzog Pinot Gris Marlborough 2018
$49.95 / bottle
Release Date May 5, 2022
Vintages #: 22689
750ml bottle
Opulent & Textured

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Hans Herzog is a unique story – A man that is a true vigneron and in sole control of the winemaking and viticulture of so many different grape varieties within his 11.5 hectare vineyard. A rare individual who lives and breathes his estate, releasing only the highest quality wines, which are 100% handcrafted from his own vines.

His is a true artisan wine estate where a holistic approach to farming is not just a phrase but a way of life. Absolutely everything is done by Hans himself with the help of equally passionate people including his wife, confidante and collaborator Therese, who supports him in his relentless drive for quality and perfection.

From one of New Zealand’s pioneers of Pinot Gris. Stunning opulent aromas of apricots and rock melon. Vivaciously mouth-filling with invigorating fruit driving through the forefront, wonderfully sweet fruit from physiological ripeness, but a crisp balanced finish with added texture. A beautiful long honeyed finish for a dry Pinot Gris with no residual sugar.

Enjoy with seared or grilled fish and simple oven-roasted chicken or change it up and try with pan seared black cod with a lemon pepper aioli. 

A to Z Wineworks Pinot Gris Oregon 2021
$21.95 / bottle
Release Date July 2, 2022
Vintages #: 258145
750ml bottle
Fresh & Fruity

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A to Z Wineworks was started in 2002 by Oregon wine industry veterans: Deb Hatcher (Eyrie), Bill Hatcher (Domaine Drouhin Oregon), Sam Tannahill (Archery Summit) and Cheryl Francis (Chehalem). The two couples worked in the Hatcher's kitchen to build the original blend honoured by Food & Wine magazine as the Best American Pinot Noir under $20. Recognition for A to Z wines as offering dependable quality for great value continues today making A to Z the top-selling Oregon wine brand.

The A to Z Oregon Pinot Gris is refreshing and lithe on the palate. Aromas of Meyer lemon, lemon verbena, tangerine, apricot, peach, apple, pear, quince, melon and honeysuckle add a hint of sweetness to the air around it. The weight is impeccable with perfect balance and integration hitting all points of the palate. Incredibly versatile at the dinner table with flavors of golden apple, roasted coconut, citrus and pineapple appealing to the last splash in the glass.

Seriously, this wine goes with just about everything, all the time, including nothing, which is sometimes a fine option, too.