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      2 products

      2 products

      Sister's Run Cow's Corner Grenache/Shiraz/Mataro 2018
      $17.95 / bottle
      Release Date August 7, 2021
      Vintages #: 346510
      750ml bottle
      Full & Smooth

      Sister’s Run is serious fun and serious wine. The talented, young winemaker Elena Brooks (of Dandelion Vineyards and Heirloom Vineyards fame) wears steel cap work boots every day of course, but carries a pair of high heels in back of the ute, only for emergencies, like last minute invitations to accept trophies at gala wine show dinners and the like.

      Primary aromatics abound, and they are all a clarion call to fresh, bright, lively grenache:
      berried fruits, red boiled lollies, homemade jelly, licorice and wild flowers. Higher notes of
      fennel and of tar also loose off a few shots, in remembrance of the sunburnt mirth and the warm South. This red wine is an effortless three-step dance. An exalting, Cossack-kicking grenache quickly leads before being turned more slowly by earth, wind, and pepper’s fire - courtesy of the shiraz.

      This red wine will deal with the most robust foodstuffs you can minister; and it
      will be a red wine as happily chilled in the hotter weather as served in the depths of a long winter..

      This product is part of the LCBO Vintages program. It may take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

      Champagne Fresne Ducret La Grande Hermine 1er Cru 2008
      $82.00 / bottle
      Release Date August 5, 2021
      Vintages #: 14636
      750ml bottle
      Rich & Complex

      Fresne-Ducret is rich in family history and has been rooted in the premier cru village of Villedommange since the mid 1800s. Originally growing grapes for the big champagne houses, it wasn’t until the end of the second world war that the family decided to make their own wine. The tradition carries on today with Pierre Fresne and his wife Daniella (an Oakville ex-pat). Their philosophy is to produce wines that best exemplify the terroir of Villedommange, and they do this with sustainability in mind.

      This vintage Champagne is perfect representation of the Fresne Ducret style, balancing freshness and aromatic complexity. It is crystalline with a pale golden colour. Good effervescence that continues long after opening. The nose is fresh, dominated by floral notes with hints of citrus. In the mouth, a savoury dimension with a balanced astringency, with aromas of orange zest and honey. The wine is lively, dynamic, and moreish, a vintage still in its youth.

      Serve with goat cheese, small game, or rhubarb millefeuille.

      This product is part of the LCBO September Classics Catalogue. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered from its release date.