Fabulas Felices Passerina IGP Terre di Chieti 2021
  • Passerina
  • Biodynamic, Natural, Organic
  • Dry
  • Residual Sugar: 2 g/l
  • Light Bodied
  • 750ml
  • 13% alc./vol

Fabulas Felices Passerina IGP Terre di Chieti 2021

Abruzzo, Italy
Regular price $21.95per bottle ($263.40per case)
12 bottles per case

Zesty & Floral

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Fabulas is a collaboration between a group of farmers, friends and a fabulous winemaker. The vineyards of Fabulas winery are located in the municipality of Pretoro (602 m a.s.l.) in the Majella National Park. Here you can really feel the influence of the massif mountain that gives its name to the park, and even though only 35 km far away there is the sea its mitigation effect is almost absent.

The Passerina vine derives its name from the small size of the berries and from the fact that the sparrows show a particular predilection for its grapes, characterized by a particularly tasty pulp. Widespread in the Marche and Abruzzo, it has only recently been relaunched as it has been forgotten and replaced by the more productive Trebbiano.

Mineral fresh white natural wine with spicy character. Brilliant straw colour with fine tears. Exuberant nose with, after swirling, wild white fruit blossom and plenty of minerality. Fresh onset with crisp acids and a surprising amount of fruit in the elegant texture. Refreshingly rich.

Perfect aperitif wine and excellent with fish starters, seafood, white meats and medium-aged cheeses. 

About the Winery


Fabulas is a collaboration between a group of farmers, friends and a fabulous winemaker. The vineyards of Fabulas winery are located in the municipality of Pretoro (602 m a.s.l.) in the Majella National Park. Even though the vinelands are only 35km away from the Adriatic sea, its influence is almost entirely blocked by the mountain ranges that surround the property. Although Abruzzo is a wine region often misunderstood, Fabulas, along with a few other noteworthy producers, have been elevating Abruzzo wines through quality growing practices and stellar winemaking.

The wines of Fabulas and their labels represent a journey through history, traditions and values – their collection of seven low-intervention wines are inspired by the local folklores of Abruzzo, each bottle portrays one of the seven women warriors who once gracefully served the region.