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5 products

5 products

A to Z Wineworks Pinot Noir 2017
$27.95 / bottle
Vintages #: 229781
750ml bottle
Fruity & Racy

A true expression of Oregon Pinot Noir! A vibrant, complex nose opens with floral, stone fruit and berry aromas - rose petal, violet, pomegranate, plum cherry, raspberry, black currant, boysenberry - that deepen with spice and wood notes - cinnamon, white pepper, thyme, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, chocolate. Gentle oak aging adds definition supporting a delicious, harmonious balance between tannin, acid and fruit.

A pretty, versatile wine that will pair neatly with many different proteins, from salmon to pork to duck to venison, as well as earthy, and rustic vegetables, and bright-red to black fruits like cherry, cranberry, or plum.

This product is part of the LCBO Vintages Essentials program.

A to Z Wineworks Chardonnay Oregon 2018
$22.95 / bottle
Release Date March 20, 2021
Vintages #: 269258
750ml bottle
Fresh & Lively

A to Z Wineworks was started in 2002 by Oregon wine industry veterans: Deb Hatcher (Eyrie), Bill Hatcher (Domaine Drouhin Oregon), Sam Tannahill (Archery Summit) and Cheryl Francis (Chehalem). The two couples worked in the Hatcher's kitchen to build the original blend honoured by Food & Wine magazine as the Best American Pinot Noir under $20. Recognition for A to Z wines as offering dependable quality for great value continues today making A to Z the top-selling Oregon wine brand.

The delicately coloured A to Z Oregon Chardonnay has a fresh, lively nose like fresh cut apples and distinct tropical notes (honeydew, kiwi, quince, kumquat, Meyer lemon, pineapple) and undertones of spring flowers, lemongrass and marjoram. The juicy, vibrant palate has a touch of minerality, something like wet stones drizzled with honey, and a natural fruit sweetness building length and presence. Tank aging on lees gives this wine a creamy texture and an interesting, broad mid-palate.

Pairs well with fresh, vibrant, and lively foods that sparkle with acidity like Baja fish tacos or heavier foods that need a bit of a high note lift such as roasted monkfish and trout.

This product is part of the LCBO Vintages program. It may take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

Trisaetum Chardonnay Coast Range Estate Willamette Valley 2017
$58.00 / bottle
Release Date March 4, 2021
Vintages #: 17720
750ml bottle
Fresh & Complex

In 2003, Andrea and James Frey founded Trisaetum in one of the few places where climate, soil, and entrepreneurial spirit combine to produce some of the world's best wines. Today, the family owned and operated winery in the heart of Oregon's Ribbon Ridge AVA produces small lots of acclaimed Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay from its three estate vineyards.

Since the family lives on site, James and Andrea have been committed to farming in a manner that creates a healthy and diverse ecosystem. This includes preservation of the natural habitats that surround their vineyards, dry-farming, never using herbicides, never tilling, extensive composting, bee-friendly viticulture and hand-harvesting every cluster.

The Coast Range Estate Chardonnay shows lovely brightness on the nose, with flinty and petrol tones that combine with the citrus rind and sourdough accents. The freshness entices with bright Challah bread, lemon zest and hints of saline dusted roasted hazelnuts leading up to the long finish. Enjoy this fantastic bottling over the next decade.

Pair this wine with smoked salmon or Dungeness crab cakes or scallops with a Meyer lemon puree. 

This product is part of the LCBO March Classics Catalogue. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered from its release date.

Rex Hill Seven Soils Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2017
$83.95 / bottle
Release Date November 14, 2020
Vintages #: 458158
750ml bottle
Rich & Creamy

Rex Hill, a legacy winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, has been making elegant Pinot Noir for over 35 years. In 2007 the two families behind A to Z Wineworks took over this iconic estate.

On the nose, aromas of lemon peel, quince, whole cream, apple, pear and white flowers present. The rich palate has a silky texture with creamy flavors, hinting of toasted almonds or macadamia nuts, citrus slices drizzled with honey, as well as notes of green tea and crème brulée with caramel undertones. The wine finishes long and juicy, promising age worthiness. Very Oregonian.

This wine is amazing with shellfish and rich, creamy cheeses.

This product is part of the LCBO Vintages program. It may take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

Reynvaan Family Vineyards Syrah The Contender Walla Walla 2017
$161.00 / bottle
Release Date October 29, 2020
Vintages #: 17093
750ml bottle
Rich & Smooth

A small family winery (Mike, Gale, Amanda, Angela and Matt) that produces Rhône-style red and white wines from two vineyard properties in the Walla Walla Valley. They produce wines only from varietals that they love and farm themselves. From their first vintage in 2007, the wines have been remarkable with a consistent complexity, depth of flavour, finish and distinctive terroir. Almost everything they do is by hand, planting each vine in the vineyards, trellising, pruning, dropping fruit and then picking and sorting the berries at harvest. 

The density and power of this wine is stunning. There is weight without feeling heavy, incredible complexity of blackberry cobbler, star anise, ripe plumb, saddle leather, Asian spice, oyster shell and wet gravel. For Contender fans, this is up there with the 2009 vintage where the 5% of Marsanne shows through giving it a viscous texture.

Pair this wine with succulent BBQ ribs, braised meats, venison or rich stews.

This product is part of the LCBO Vintages program. It may take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered.