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1 product

Invivo Chardonnay Gisborne 2020
$21.95 / bottle
Release Date April 16, 2022
Vintages #: 499855
750ml bottle
Creamy & Tropical

For winemaker and co-founder Rob Cameron, the Invivo range is all about taking some of the elegance from the old world and putting that style into our amazing grapes, all the while offering wines that are fun and a bit unique.

There’s nothing subtle in this bottle - just bountiful, beautiful pineapples and lemons from sunny Gisborne. This Chardonnay is big, bold and bursting with ripe fruit with just a hint of creamy, toasty oak. It's instantly appealing and will go well with your closest friends. And if they don’t love it as much as you do, they probably weren’t your
friends anyway (told you this wasn't subtle).

Pair with sunny days, cream based soups or sauces or go all out and serve with butter poached lobster on a bed of creamy risotto.

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