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1 product

La Regola Toscano Vallino IGT 2019
$37.95 / bottle
Vintages #: 34406
750ml bottle
Organic & Savoury

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At the beginning of the 1900’s the Nuti family bought a small plot of land in a locality known as “La Regola”, in the town of Riparbella, (a place name found in the Florence land register dating back to the 1700’s), to produce a small amount of olive oil and wine for family consumption. From the small cellar under the house, which was called "cillieri", the first production of the "La Regola"  was born. After three generations in 1990, Luca the eldest son, obtained a degree in agriculture, deciding to transform the small family wine production into a company structured winery and began to plant other vineyards and market the first bottles.

In addition to the cultivation of native vines such as Sangiovese and Vermentino, the company has added French white and red grape vines to their production, among which Cabernet Franc is a stand out. This Tuscan blend offers an inviting nose of vanilla and currents opening into a very berry-driven palate with extended notes of  blackberries, dark cherries and figs. The wine closes with notes of dried herbs and ground coffee, sculpted by building tannins. 

Pour this alongside roasted red meats, Fiorentina steak and aged cheeses (4-6 yrs).