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1 product

Punset Campo Quadro Barbaresco Riserva San Cristofero 2011
$70.00 / bottle
Release Date September 3, 2020
Vintages #: 419614
750ml bottle
Complex & Powerful

Punset is an innovator when it comes to organic wine. Inheriting the estate in 1982, Marina Marcarino is a fifth generation winemaker, and she took her estate to the future whilst preserving age-old traditions.

“Punset” derives from piedmontese dialect and has legendary origin: it seems that historically the Count of Neive gave this nickname, which literally means “beautiful hill” or “peak”, to only describe the lands emerging by the autumn fog that he could admire from the castle. 

This product is part of the LCBO September Classics Catalogue. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered from its release date.