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1 product

Garage Wine Co Cabernet Franc San Juan Pirque Vineyard Lot #90 2017
$39.95 / bottle
Release Date December 11, 2021
Vintages #: 21962
750ml bottle
Herbal & Balsamic

Garage Wine Co was literally started in a garage in 2001, by Etobicoke expat Derek Mossman and his wife Pilar Miranda. Since then, the dynamic duo have chosen to revive old vineyards in marginalized Chilean communities. They work mostly in the regions of Maule and Itata where they make highly coveted wines.

This single vineyard wine is part of Garage's Mountain Grown series. An ancient riverbed flows beneath this vineyard planted with Cabernet Franc. The altitude (600 mts+) allows a freshness that works very well with this variety when it is extracted gently allowing an elegant and distinct flavour profile of blue fruits. Nose of crushed raspberries and flowers. There is notable freshness with blue fruit aromas, mint, fresh leaves and a touch of balsamic– it's a little wild, medium-bodied with very fine tannins and has a fine elegant texture.

Cabernet Franc goes well with grilled steaks and chops; spices and herbs such as pepper, mint and rosemary, and earthy ingredients like mushrooms.

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