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1 product

1 product

Stonehaven Stepping Stone Shiraz Limestone Coast 2020
$18.00 / bottle
Release Date April 27, 2024
Vintages #: 36387
750ml bottle
Smooth & Flavourful

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Hardy's constructed the Stonehaven Winery in 1998 with the purpose of showcasing the distinct qualities of the Limestone Coast region in Southern Australia. Following Hardy's acquisition by Constellation and subsequent brand expansion, the winery fell into dormancy after being sold. In early 2021, C.W. Wines acquired both the Stonehaven winery and brand, subsequently reintroducing the Stonehaven label to the market. Now sporting a revitalized appearance and market strategy, Stonehaven aims to appeal to contemporary wine enthusiasts, offering a wine selection suitable for any occasion.

The Limestone Coast enjoys plentiful access to water and cool evening temperatures, which remain low even as daytime temperatures rise. This diurnal shift is optimal for the gradual maturation of grapes, enhancing flavour development while maintaining acidity—a crucial factor in grape cultivation within such a warm climate.

A bold and fruit-forward wine characterized by plentiful black fruit flavours and a full, rounded palate. Its lingering notes reveal dark berry fruits, violet petals and spices with subtle oak, adding toasted nuances and a hint of brambly sweetness. With a captivating backdrop of exotic spices and subtle tannins, it enchants the palate through to its elegant finish.

Whether it's grilled sausages, burgers, or smoked brisket, Australian Shiraz complements the bold flavours and hearty textures of barbecue fare.

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