Celler Escoda Sanahuja Nas del Gegant 2022
  • Red Wine
  • Cabernet Franc, Carignan, Grenache, Merlot
  • Natural, Vegan-Friendly
  • Dry
  • Medium Bodied
  • 750ml

Celler Escoda Sanahuja Nas del Gegant 2022

Catalonia, Spain
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Big & Bold

Joan Ramón Escoda has been shaking the pillars of winemaking in his home-country and abroad since the 90's. He is an absolute anarchist, a radical winemaker, a rock'n'roller and a grass-roots innovator; and his wines are everything but banal.

Nas del Gegant is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cariñena, Garnacha, Merlot, aged in amphora and utterly unique with wild herb, savory notes integrated with deep, dark earthy fruit. It somehow tastes ancient and fresh simultaneously.Full-bodied, fruity. A big wild wine with lots of fruit, character, and structure to hold up against the lush palate. This wine finishes slightly off-dry but remains balanced.

Decant for best flavour. Pair with BBQ, highly spiced roast meats, rich stews.

About the Winery

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja

Joan Ramón Escoda founded Celler Escoda Sanahuja in 1999 along with his wife Mari Carmen in Conca del Barbera, Catalonia. Since then, they have been disrupting the wine industry both in their home-country and internationally.

Celler Escoda Sanahuja was one of the first wineries that, back in 2005 stopped adding sulphites to their wines. Joan Ramon has always been a radical winemaker and a grass-roots innovator. His wild enthusiasm has been fuel for the natural winemaking scene, and has also led him to, spontaneously, create the 'Brutal' movement popular in natural wine circles. These are highly individual wines reflecting their origins and their innovative winemaker.

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