A land of Heroic Viticulture

Bodegas Viñátigo's vineyards are in the north-west of Tenerife; a lush, green, part of the island, swept by the trade winds and exposed to brilliant sunshine. Since 1990, Juan Jesús Méndez has been studying and recovering the almost-extinct grape varieties of the Canary Islands, and has made of Viñátigo the reference winery in the region.

Embark upon an epic adventure to the Canary Islands and take your Wine Adventure to New Heights.

Press Reviews

2020 marks a terrific vintage for Viñátigo's own-rooted Listán Blanco, vinified and aged in stainless, from the north side of Tenerife. There's a marked reductive, sulfhydric character in the best sense, where grapefruit meets smoke, meets lemon zest. The palate is distinctly saline, either from the volcanic soils, or the salt-laden Alisios winds from the North Atlantic, or both. Whatever the case, this is compelling, dense and quite concentrated white wine, with marked freshness and individual character. Lovely stuff.

John Szabo, Master Sommelier

The volcanic midlands of Tenerife’s northwest section is THE place on the Canary Islands for growing and producing the highest quality of Listán Negro. The fourth and fifth generations of Juan Jesús’ family are the custodians of these pre-phylloxera vines at 500-1000m and the wines they gift. Just a kiss of oak does little to adulterate the precocious sentimentality and unknowable delight for a wine that you warm up to without knowing how or why. By now and with the 2019 vintage this unique red has come into its own at a perfect knife’s edge volatility and discreet if sumptuous behaviour. A must try and twice, each year for the next three to six.

Michael Godel, Wine Align


Bodegas Viñátigo