Matthieu Barret: Purist from the Northern Rhone

Beware Behold the bear! Matthieu Barret – or as his friends like to call him Petit Ours Brun (little brown bear) – is quite a viticultural figure. His biodynamic wines hold special places in our hearts, and we are not sure if it has to do with the adorable bear on his wine labels, or his ability to craft some of the purest and the most honest wines in Rhone...
Honest Rhône Expressions.
100% Biodynamic. 100% Pure.
Rhone wines for the purists
Matthieu replaced most of his barrels with concrete eggs in 2006 to minimize oak influence, pursue purity, and hone an honest expression of Rhone.

Artisanal farming and winemaking
In 2012, he stopped using machines in Cornas and replaced them with traditional approach to viticulture and winemaking.

Happy vineyards rooted in biodiversity
Believing that vines are happier in a wild environment, Matthieu developed a diverse ecosystem around his farm to bring a distinct identity to his grapes.

Explore this delicious (and very cute) collection of organic and biodynamic wines that will lead you to experience the rugged and enchanted Rhone Valley through the virtuous lens of Matthieu Barret.
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About Matthieu Barret

Born in Aix-en-Provence, Matthieu Barret is a young and enthusiastic 7th generation vigneron. After he studied in Beaune, he joined his grandfather in Cornas in 1997. Today, he practises biodynamic viticulture with a focus on low yields and extraordinary quality. He describes his wines as being 100% grape – pure, clean, and low sulfites.