Natural Wines Mixed Case
  • Mixed Cases
  • Grenache, Grenache Blanc, Merlot, Perricone, Syrah
  • Biodynamic, Natural, Organic, Vegan-Friendly
  • 750ml

Natural Wines Mixed Case

Catalonia, Spain
Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Piedmont, Italy
Sicily, Italy
South-West, France
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This Mixed Case includes 12 bottles of our favourite Natural wines: from skin contact whites and oranges to a very special selection of juicy and spicy reds. Each case includes two bottles of the following wines:

Punset Ne? Langhe Bianco 2018. A blend of Arneis, Favorita and Cortese, local grapes in Piedmont, that are aged in concrete vats. Rich and fruity on the nose displaying floral notes and white fruit flavours of banana and pear. This fruity sensation transitions in the mouth to deeper notes of honey, butter and a light acidity that swiftly cleanses the palate. Well structured with good balance. 

Mas des Agrunelles Nicot Blanc 2019. Blend of Marsanne and Grenache Blanc, this wine has a biodynamic structure with fruit and freshness on both the nose and the palate. 

Bodegas Puiggrós Imprevisible 2019. Imprevisible is an orange wine made from Grenache Blanc and aged for five months in amphorae. On the nose, it has beautiful notes of citrus, such as clementine and grapefruit; as well as hints of medicinal herbs and spices, like eucalyptus, thyme and clove; all backed by a delicate fragrance of violets and rose petals.

Cantine Barbera Kalio Perricone Menfi 2019. This 100% Perricone is a lively ruby colour with violet shades. The nose is a playful blend of red berries and geranium flowers. The smooth tannins enrich a medium-bodied palate, where spicy notes of star anise and ginger stand out against a persistent saline background.

Mas des Agrunelles L'Indigène 2019. L'Indigene is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan. On the nose it is fleshy with notes of ripe dark berries and briar patch. There is a distinct meatiness that makes you think of salami with garrigue herbs and cracked pepper.

Grains d'Estuaire Cuvée Emma Rouge 2019. Emma embodies the purity of a natural wine. Made from Merlot grapes; on the nose it has notes of black fruits and candied fruit. On the palate, it is a fruit-forwarded and full-bodied wine, with a beautiful length.

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About the Winery

Bodegas Puiggròs

Since 1843, the Puiggros family has been producing wines from their own vines in the Odena region of Catalunya for the family and close friends. Over generations they had come to realize that their vineyards and techniques were something worth sharing with the world. A sincere dedication to the terroir in their zone and the indigenous varieties that grow there, allows them to constantly discover ways to unlock all of the magic that lies within their land.

Starting with conscious and clean farming in the vineyard, they hand-harvest only the best fruit for their production, and ferment each vineyard separately in varying vessels to accentuate what the vines have to show; some in stainless steel, and many in clay amphora of differing sizes. All the while seeing very little sulfur use (if any) until bottling. Puiggros is pushing the quality of northeastern Spain's wines forward, and doing so in a clean and unique way.

Cantine Barbera

Cantina Barbera is located in the Menfi Coast, on the west coast of Sicily. The vineyards are about one mile from the Mediterranean Sea: an uncontaminated deep blue sea, facing South, where low cliffs and sandy dunes create a beautiful environment protected by the Belice River Natural Reservation Fund.

A third generation farmer, Marilena Barbera farms the Inzolia that her grandfather planted in the 20's, just as she attends to the native varietals that are the new frontier of her own generation: Perricone, Nerello, Alicante, Nero d'Avola and Grillo. Marilena makes her wines praticticing organic farming and natural winemaking, while paying utmost respect to Menfi's terroir.

"At the winery, I chose to work only with spontaneous fermentations and to adopt non invasive winemaking practices, in order to respect the unique personality of Sicilian native grape varieties and the beautiful land to which they belong."

Grains d'Estuaire

Julien Bonneau, (Château Haut Grelot in the Blayais), and his friend Alexandre Lavigne, restaurateur in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, created in 2014 a range of wines, Grains d'Estuaire, from 'a 10 ha vineyard located in Saint-Bonnet-sur-Gironde, in the south of Charente-Maritime.

Mas des Agrunelles

Frédéric Porro was an aspiring Motorcross rider until an accident left him in a wheelchair. This led him to a new passion - wine - after his sister asked him to put together the wine list for a restaurant. From that moment on, he became devoted to the grape. Mas des Agrunelles came about from his collaboration with Stéphanie Ponson – owner of Mas Nicot – in 2005 near Murles in Languedoc. Stéphanie and Frédéric met in 1999 while studying enology in Montpellier. The name of the estate comes from tall the wild sloe trees that surround the vineyards and sloe is ‘Agrunelles’ in old occitan.
The couple make wine with the same diligance and passion as other biodynamic winemakers have before them, it all began with experimentation, trial and error- but they quickly moved from organic vines to a fully functioning biodynamique vineyard and winery. They are proud to produce natural wines of high quality. Located 20 km to the northwest of Montpellier in the communes of Argelliers and La Boissiere, at an average altitude of 200 m, influenced by a cold wind coming from the Cevennes via St Martin de Londres, where both Mistral and Tramontane reach top speeds.


Punset is an innovator when it comes to organic wine. Inheriting the estate in 1982, Marina Marcarino is a fifth generation winemaker, and she took her estate to the future whilst preserving age-old traditions.

She transformed all 20 hectares of her land into a fully organic vineyard during a time where major producers of Barolo and Barbaresco were abandoning tradition to compete commercially. Instead of following the trend, she struck out on her own, and made wines that resonated with her past and passions. Known for the very first certified organic Barbaresco of Italy, Marina continues to show the world that you can preserve tradition and think of the future simultaneously.