Château Barouillet Bergecrac Blanc 2019
  • White Wine
  • Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Sémillon
  • Natural, Organic, Vegan-Friendly
  • Dry
  • Medium Bodied
  • 750ml
  • 12.50% alc./vol

Château Barouillet Bergecrac Blanc 2019

South-West, France
Regular price $22.95per bottle ($275.40per case)
12 bottles per case

Zesty & Creamy

Located 50 km east from Saint-Émilion, the Barouillet family has been working the vines in Bergerac for at least 8 generations.

Bergecrac Blanc is a great value wine for the table that ticks all the boxes in terms of viticulture and vinification - an expressive blend of white grapes that mutes the overtly 'Sauvignon-y' characteristics by not picking too early and not using any sulphur on the vines prior to fermentation. There is a lightly oxidative note and a bready, lees-y back palate that bounces off the fruit which is at once fresh and zesty and creamy and opulent. Easy, fun and just a little bit wild.

Enjoy it by the glass and with white meats or poultry.

About the Winery

Château Barouillet

Chateau Barouillet has been a family business going back at least 8 generations. Vincent Alexis works alongside his father and grandfather to cultivate the land and has moved the winery into Organic viticulture, starting to convert the soil in 2010 and fully converting all the vineyards by 2014.

The domaine controls 45 hectares of vines throughout Monbazzillac, Bergerac Pécharmant, and Cotes de Bergerac. Vincent continues to push the biological approach further by working according to the lunar calendar in the vineyards and in the cellar.