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1 product

Trisaetum Coast Range Estate Pinot Noir 2021
$84.00 / bottle
Release Date February 1, 2023
Vintages #: 546374
750ml bottle
Mineral & Fruity

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In 2003, Andrea and James Frey founded Trisaetum in one of the few places where climate, soil, and entrepreneurial spirit combine to produce some of the world's best wines. Today, the family owned and operated winery in the heart of Oregon's Ribbon Ridge AVA produces small lots of acclaimed Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay from its three estate vineyards. 

Since the family lives on site, James and Andrea have been committed to farming in a manner that creates a healthy and diverse ecosystem. This includes preservation of the natural habitats that surround their vineyards, dry-farming, never using herbicides, never tilling, extensive composting, bee-friendly viticulture and hand-harvesting every cluster.

Tucked in the farthest corner of the Yamhill Carlton AVA amongst the steeply sloping hillsides of the Coast Range mountains, the 45-million-year-old soils of this estate are derived from extremely diverse sedimentary rocks and intrusive volcanic basalts. The wildest of the three vineyards, this site produces wines of extreme complexity, earth-driven minerality and power. Taut with tension, yet sleek and expressive, showing notes of cherry and raspberry flavours accented by rose petal and dusky spices. 

Keep it casual with bbq pork ribs, or class it up and try with braised rabbit & wild mushroom pie.