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1 product

Domaine de Coulet - Matthieu Barret 'Billes Noires' AOC Cornas 2015
$139.95 / bottle
Release Date December 2, 2021
Vintages #: 22585
750ml bottle
Dense & Brooding

This product is currently available in select LCBO retail stores as part of the Classics program. Please feel free to contact us at if you need any assistance locating stock.

Born in Aix-en-Provence, Matthieu Barret is a young and enthusiastic 7th generation vigneron. After he studied in Beaune, he joined his grandfather in Cornas in 1997. Today, he practices biodynamic viticulture with a focus on low yields and extraordinary quality. He describes his wines as being 100% grape – pure, clean, and low sulfites.

As dark as the wine is dressed, as deep and dark is also its scent. Smelling as well as seeing, one needs a while to get used to recognize contours in the darkness. This dense thicket of aromas conceals cooked plum jam, the scent of fresh Black Forest cherry pie, and the peppery spice of juniper berries and black truffle. And a single deep red rose blossoms behind a small fire-cleared patch of forest.

A wine that invites you to take a walk and discover the land from which Matthieu Barret's Syrah comes and which is inherent in it.