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1 product

Fresne Ducret Arquémie No. 3 Champagne Extra Brut Blanc de Noirs
$94.00 / bottle
Release Date August 4, 2022
Vintages #: 25910
750ml bottle
Mineral & Fresh

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Fresne-Ducret is rich in family history and has been rooted in the premier cru village of Villedommange since the mid 1800s. Originally growing grapes for the big champagne houses, it wasn’t until the end of the second world war that the family decided to make their own wine. The tradition carries on today with Pierre Fresne and his wife Daniella (an Oakville ex-pat). Their philosophy is to produce wines that best exemplify the terroir of Villedommange, and they do this with sustainability in mind.

In 2014 Pierre Fresne began a new adventure in creating a series of micro-batch cuvées for connoisseurs of champagne. Each year, he creates one or two “experiments” to try techniques that he thinks will yield interesting wines. This collection of craft champagnes is called Arquémie, the French word for alchemy used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Defined as a “truly regal science and an undoubtedly divine study…it makes a thousand different waters, a thousand oils, different liqueurs and infinite other things without which we could not live comfortably or even live at all”, the name Arquémie truly embodies the spirit of the collection.

Beautiful gold in colour sporting notes of crunchy orchard fruits with shades of white blossom expressed in the glass. The palate offers classics notes of brioche and short bread cookie, along with flavours of acacia honey and bruised apple on the finish. The mousse is persistent and creamy, offering a fine texture against the bright acidity, bringing elegance and harmony to this Champagne. 

An excellent aperitif to go with good times and any assortment of salty snacks. Think cheese boards, smoked salmon toasts, nuts, sliced meats, and dried fruits. Looking for a main course? Try with fried chicken!