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1 product

1 product

Aubert & Mathieu Marie Antoinette Corbieres 2020
$21.95 / bottle
Release Date June 1, 2022
Vintages #: 25811
750ml bottle
Fruity & Savoury

This product is currently available online and in select LCBO retail stores as part of the Destination Collection program. Please feel free to contact us at if you need any assistance locating stock. If you would like to make use of NPW's services sourcing a case(s) for delivery, please note that shipping will take approximately 2-3 weeks from the time the wine is ordered

Aubert & Mathieu is the adventure of two friends whose focus is to create responsible and original products that resonate with anyone seeking renewal in the world of wine. Showcasing the best terroirs from the Languedoc Roussillon regions and inspired by meaningful, eco-friendly viticulture, their wines contribute to a more authentic, transparent and sustainable world-view.

With a committed vision of operating CO2 neutral, using ecologically designed packaging and preserving biodiversity, their wines are also characterized by their cheerful and non-conformist style.

Opening up with a savoury nose of toasted walnuts and pepper spice, the wine further invites notions of menthol and violet florals. The palate shows meaty/gamey flavours mingled with ripe dark berries and garrigue spice. Supple tannins support an elegant balance between the sweet fruit and savoury flavours present on the finish. 

Sip this alongside your favourite veggie dishes, like stuffed peppers or grilled portobello burgers.