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2 products

2 products

Casa Los Frailes 1771 Viñas Viejas 2015
$49.00 / bottle
Release Date August 6, 2020
Vintages #: 15407
750ml bottle
Full & Smooth

A family owned estate of 162 hectares with vineyards, Mediterranean forest, almond and olive trees all with a unique terroir: altitude at 650-700 meters above sea level, dry agriculture, extremely calcareous soil, a Mediterranean climatology with a strong continental influence and vines of 40+ year old vines of native grape, Monastrell.

Casa Los Frailes (“Cals Frares” in old Valencian) takes it's name from the Jesuit Friars who used to live in the Estate two centuries ago (XVII to XVIII). Since then, Casa Los Frailes belongs to the Velázquez family, currently in its 13th generation. Casa Los Frailes was certified organic in 2000, being one of the very first wineries in Spain to do so.

1771 Casa Los Frailes is made with the oldest bush vines on the estate - 75 year-old Monastrell. 1771 is the year that the Velasquez ancestors purchased the estate at public auction from King Charles III of Spain who in turn had expropriated it from the Friars. The label is a reproduction of the original contract that was signed.

This product is part of the LCBO August Classics Catalogue. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered from its release date.

Domaine Muré Riesling Côte de Rouffach 2016
$30.00 / bottle
Release Date September 3, 2020
Vintages #: 634741
750ml bottle
Intense & Mineral

When Michel Muré settled in Rouffach and planted his vineyard in the 17th century, he surely had little conception of the beautiful adventure that he was setting in motion for his descendants. In 1935, Alfred Muré extended the property with the addition of the 12-hectare (25-acre) wholly owned Clos Saint Landelin, foreseeing already its potential for exceptional quality. He replanted the terraces, ideally situated with their sunny exposure and shelter from the rain.

Nowadays it is Alfred’s grandson René, together with his children Véronique and Thomas, the 11th and 12th generations of the family, who are responsible for running this exceptional, wholly-owned vineyard and its neighbouring terroirs, using biodynamic methods.

Muré wines are fine and rich with beautifully mineral acidities. This is achieved in the vineyard where Alsace’s naturally long ripening season is enhanced by Muré’s exceptional south-facing slopes. These are delightful and exciting wines, abundant in flavour, opulence and lacy acidity.

This product is part of the LCBO September Classics Catalogue. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered from its release date.